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Why Disposables Are The New Trending Vape to Use

by VK CEO 17 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Why Disposables Are The New Trending Vape to Use

New to vaping?

If you are new to vaping, then using a disposable vape may be the best way to get into vaping. There is no hassle with changing coils and filling juices as they are already built into the device. There are many benefits when it comes to going with a disposable whether it be for first time Vapor’s or for those who have vaping for years. One main benefit is that there is no commitment to the device, as you are done with the device or with vaping in general you can dispose of the device, commitment free. 


Different types of Disposables

There are not too many different types but there are many different brands and models that vary in sizes, type of coils, battery sizes, juices and flavours. 

In Canada, the most popular brands currently are Envi, Allo and Elf bar but there are many other brands to consider. 

Just like any other vapes, these disposables vary in similar features. For example,  for the larger capacity disposables (typically above 2500 puffs count) they can be rechargable so that the disposable can be used until all the e-juice content is depleted. Where as to non rechargeable disposable you may still have wasted e-juice with the battery depleted. 

You can now find disposables with features such as:

Adjustable airflow - So that you may change the tightness of the draw

Flavour change/switch - Some disposable such as the Mr Fog switch will allow you to switch between 2 flavours in the single disposable

Dual Mesh - The Waka Smash has a dual mesh to create a extra large cloud for those who are cloud chasers. 

Indicators - The Stlth 5k has a light indicator to let you know when the battery and e-juice is running low

Soft Chewable Mouth Tip - The Belo disposable’s mouth this has a softer mouth tip for those who have a habit of biting on their vapes 

As time goes by the features and innovative designs have only evolved in this now booming industry and the desire for disposables have grown exponentially. Disposables are now becoming more popular with larger high capacity puff counts and liquid content, they are replacing the need for manual coil replacements and old fashioned vape mods. 


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favourite disposables?

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