Vuse - ePod 2 Device

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We’re excited to announce the arrival of the new ePod 2. Redesigned with a sleek new look and faster charging. You’ll be able to charge and go in 35 minutes* and you can now vape while you charge. So there’s nothing stopping you from getting that satisfying hit anywhere, anytime. The ePod 2 is fully compatible with all epod e liquid. and is splash proof so you’re ready to power on, whatever the weather. Power your switch today with the new ePod 2.

Approximately 275 puffs per pod and available in 16 nicotine salt flavours.

Select your vape pen and a flavour combination at a nicotine level of your choice to experience the ePod 2.

Device reaches 80% charge from full discharge in 35 minutes when using the correct charging input.

Delivery - Puff Activated

Pod Size - 1.9mL, approximately 275 puffs

Charging Time - Vuse ePod 2 takes 35 mins to charge from zero-to-80%, delivering all day battery life.

Battery - 350 mAh

Weight - 23.6g

Heating System - Ceramic Heating

Colour & Finishing - Soft touch finish in Matte Black