Vaporesso Renovo Zero Pod Kit

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The Renova Zero is a sleek and stylish refillable pod-based e-cigarette. Easily fill device and avoid leaks with its unique Push-to-fill system. Innovative CCELL coil is ideal for salt-based nicotine liquids. Charge quickly and infrequently thanks to the internal 650mAh battery. While charging the unit, light on device will be red, it will switch to green when charging is complete.

To fill pod: Insert included bottle into small silver opening on pod, known as the Push-to-Fill valve. Next, carefully squeeze bottle until desired amount of liquid is inside, ensuring not to over-fill. Let pod stand 5 minutes on first fill.

To turn on device: Click power button 5 times within 2 seconds to start unit. To switch between temperatures, quickly press button 3 times. Hold button down to display battery level.

Battery Level: Low: Red Medium: Blue High: Green