Solar Master - Salt Nic Series - 30mL

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Solar Master brings you a blast of sunshine goodness in a bottle! 🌞 Feel the heat of a summer day in the tropics as you indulge in such tropical splendor all in your tastebuds!


  • Fresh OrangeSometimes the simplest things are the best things, just like a freshly squeezed orange.
  • IslandAn out of this world sweet pineapple, juicy mango and peach.
  • LagoonAn out of this world sour cherry and zesty lime, mixed with sweet blueberries and a green apple punch!
  • LemonadeThis tangy, sweet, and icy lemonade will refresh even the most avid lemonade vapers.
  • Melon MedleyThis mixture of sweet and freshly ripened melons will fill your senses with excitement.
  • RainbowAn out of this world sour flavour, made with raspberries, limes and tangerines. 
  • Red BerriesA celebration of juicy red berries; sweet strawberries blended with perfectly tangy raspberries.
  • Sweet PeachPeaches unlike any other, juicy, sweet, and ripened to perfection.
  • WaveAn out of this world juicy blend of ripe orange, guava and perfectly tart passionfruit.