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Shatterizer was founded in Canada by experienced consumers who wanted to make a product for new and seasoned vapors alike. They are committed to customer satisfaction, shattering expectations and of course #perfectclouds.

The Shatterizer is a concentrate vaporizer that offers a unique design and smooth hit. It’s uncomplicated to use and clean. When used properly with a full charge it can produce up to 70 hits. The aluminum bubble-like top allows the vapor to cool and leaves you with a satisfyingly smooth draw.

To turn the unit on and off simply click the button 5 times within two seconds. The same button is used to change temperature by quickly pressing it 3 times. To fill chamber, remove top piece carefully, unscrew cap and gently add concentrate, ensuring not to damage coils. While charging device, light is red and will turn off when fully charged. After 15 seconds of continuous draw, device will cut off heat and flash 8 times.