ORO - Salt Nic Series - 30mL

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Take a trip to South America and don’t return until you’ve tried the sweetness ORO has to offer! Support the locals as you enjoy their fruits, fresh and ripe and ready to be enjoyed!


    • Limonada - Lemonade with a Latin flair! Enjoy this iced up zesty lemonade doused with a fresh squeeze of tangy and tart blackcurrant!
    • Mucho Grape - A Symphony of sweet and tart grapes picked fresh from the heart of the jungle are smashed with ice and served up nice and frosty!
    • Naranja - A fresh splash of juicy oranges picked fresh from the heart of Guatemala, infused with a note of cream and blended on ice for a flavour that is pure gold. Delicioso!
    • Pina Lima - In the exotic jungles of Costa Rica grows the sweetest and most delicious of all Pineapples. This perfectly ripened golden fruit is blended into a mouth-watering soda, splashed with a zest of lime and served on ice to send your taste buds on a permanent vacation.