5.5" MJArsenal - "Infinity" Mini Rig

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Designed based on the principle of Yin and Yang, the MJArsenal Infinity Mini Rig highlights certain rare combinations in nature when combined. As an in-house dab rig made of borosilicate glass, this Infinity with egg style percolation and rhythmic cycloning filtration offers users more flavour from concentrates. Featuring a reclaim catcher, it helps prevent clogs and easily clean out with a cleaning swab.


– Custom MJ logo for authentication

– 100% borosilicate glass

– Palm-sized design

– Egg style percolation

– Cyclone filtration

– Double uptake recycler

– Spill-resistant design

– Rear mounted downstem

– Height: 139.7 mm

– Base width: 60.96 mm

– Joint: 10 mm F


– 1 Infinity Mini Rig

– 1 Quartz Banger 10 mm M