Crossing Tech x Divine Tribe - V4 Quartz Crucible - Rebuildable Concentrate Heater

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The V4 aims to bring you the highest quality concentrate diffusion experience. With it’s ceramic heater, vortex air intake, and quartz cruible, the V4 will have you at a new level for flavor and efficiency. You can switch and ad the Ti or SIC Crucible Cups to your heater as well see links below.

Note: You will need a power supply to run the V4

Kit Includes

  • Complete V4 with 13mm donut and quartz crucible installed
  • 1 extra replacement 13 donut and spacer
  • 4 extra screws
  •  2 extra Cotter Pins
  • 1 extra Quartz Crucible Cup or Titanium You Choose
  • Dab tool and Screwdriver

V4 Features

  • Ceramic heater
  • Vortex airflow intake
  • Quartz and Titanium Crucible options available
  • Rebuildable
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance