Dewbie Rehydrating Stone - "Devil's Lettuce"

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The dewbie is a hydration stone proudly made in Calgary. It uses Canadian kiln-fired clay and comes packaged in a hemp drawstring bag. The dewbie can be used for 1000 years, even with daily use. It works quickly, is able to be reused by adding water and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

The dewbie can be used to maintain current moisture or to fully re-hydrate dried herb. It can be soaked anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for maximum absorption. After that the stone should be dabbed dry and placed touching your material for about 5-10 minutes per gram at room temperature. Then it can be removed. If it is left for too long it can over-hydrate. In that case remove material from jar and let air dry.

If you are using the dewbie in a jar containing a large amount of herb that is constantly being opened, the dewbie can usually remain inside to maintain freshness. If you wish to maintain freshness with a smaller amount of material add less water to the dewbie.