Aqua - Freebase Series - 60mL

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Aqua! New juices coming straight to you. Enjoy some of your familiar delicious fruity tastes with a breeze of the Ocean. Try one today!


Flow - A tropical flavour that tastes like paradise. The combination of tangy pineapple, sweet guava, and juicy mango flavors is like an exotic beach vacation for your taste buds

Mist - Taste the fruity rush of Granny Smith apples, tart and tangy kiwis, and soft and fuzzy sun-ripened peaches in every cloud! Allow this calming mist of vapor to settle upon your vape taste buds with sweet and refreshing flavor with every puff!

Momentum - Mango-infused chewiness bursting with flavour that is sure to enrapture your taste buds with a carefully balanced sweetness.

Oasis - Feel the tropical vacation with each puff. This fruit cocktail of juicy cantaloupe, ripe peaches, and succulent papayas will bring your taste buds to the oasis

Pure - A fruity flavour trifecta. This intoxicating fusion of succulent strawberries, ripe apples, and juicy watermelon will make your mouth water

Swell - Sweet. Sour. Juicy. A perfect rendition of your favourite sour watermelon candy.