Linx – “Ember” Extract Vaporizer



One of the smallest and sleekest pens on the market, the Ember delivers a quality vaporizing experience without breaking the bank.

1. The Linx Ember Vaporizer for Concentrates is Beautifully Crafted

Like all of the Linx products, the Ember is machined from the highest quality materials, including a polished, medical-grade stainless steel body, glass mouthpiece,  recessed quartz rod atomizer,  and a glass viewing chamber that is a real game changer.   Like the Hypnos Zero and the Hermes 2, the finish of the Ember is second to none.  It fits together like a precisely designed and fabricated machine.  The high standard of quality is authenticated by the laser-etched Linx logo near the bottom of the device.

2. Recessed Quartz Rod and Titanium Coil Atomizer. 

The quartz rod atomizer is recessed below the glass viewing chamber which sits below the stainless steel mouthpiece and airflow manifold.  The result of the arrangement is that vapor produced by the coil is immediately visible in the glass viewing chamber, so you can easily gauge and adjust your vapor density.  Coils can give a bit of a harsh experience, but the overhead airflow system cools the vapour with clean, unadulterated air that makes for a wonderful experience.  When it’s time for cleaning, just unscrew the atomizer and mouthpiece from the battery and immerse them in rubbing alcohol (overnight works best).  Never immerse the battery in any liquid.  Once the atomizer and mouthpiece have had a good soak, just let them dry completely, and put them back into service!  How easy is that?

3. Three  Temperature Settings do the Trick

Three clicks of the button cycle the unit through: Low (Blue),  Medium (Green), and  (Red). We found these heat settings more than adequate to properly enjoy your best concentrates.

4. Two Words:  “Sesh Mode”

Two quick clicks on any power setting, and you go into a 12 second session at whatever temperature setting you are set to.  Wanna go again?  Two more clicks and you are set to launch.  I LOVE this feature!

5. Super Discreet

The Ember is tiny, and slender.  It will fit anywhere and look great doing it.  I don’t know what else to say.  It is total secret agent…it’s hard to imagine how things could get better.

6. It’s Easy to Use

The Linx Ember is very simple to use, and very similar to the Hypnos Zero.  To turn it on press the power button 5 times within 2 – 3 seconds. To change between temperatures simply click the power button 3 times, the button will change color to correspond with the 3 temperature settings. Next load the atomizer with your concentrate, screw the mouthpiece on and press & hold the power button to start enjoying your vapor. OR, press the button twice and go into session mode that keeps the atomizer heating continuously for 12 seconds.


What Makes the Linx Ember Stand Out?

Low Cost

This elegant, high quality, top performer retails at an unbelievably low price.  The value of all the innovative features and quality construction is unparalleled in the industry.  The Ember is an extraordinarily good value.

Temperature Control

3 temperature settings: low, medium and high,  are selected by clicking the power button three times quickly and are indicated by a corresponding blue, green and red illumination of the power button.  The highest (red) setting will deliver a denser vapor, and the lowest (blue) setting will give a smoother, less dense experience.  We found the three settings worked just fine for our needs, and were really  impressed at the functionality for the cost.

Excellent Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor from the Linx Ember is way better than we expected…like, way better.  In fact, I think the vapour density is a little better than what the Hypnos produces, but perhaps a little bit harsher…just a little at the highest of three temperature settings.   The Ember  features a quartz rod heating chamber that is recessed below a glass viewing section.  Above the viewing section the overhear airflow system allows pure outside air to mix with the concentrate vapour to deliver a dynamite event; there is tons of flow for an impressive cloud.  And with the advent of the glass viewing section, you see exactly what vapor production is happening.  It’s awesome.

Elegant but Strong and Precise Construction

Like all the Linx products, the Ember is a really pretty, well-constructed piece…at the price, it doesn’t even make sense.  Medical grade stainless steel and glass give the Ember its very small stature and stunning form.  A really nice addition to this pen is that the recessed coil atomizer allows you to view vapour production through an innovative viewing glass section.

Battery Life

The Linx Ember is a little device and the battery is necessarily small  at 350 mAH.  Having said that, this device is for atomizing super-highly concentrated material;  our experience was great!  We found it lasted long enough for a thoroughly satisfying extended evening.  Besides, any (USB) port in a storm the saying goes.  The USB charger makes getting back in business a non-event.  Just plug it into just about anywhere…when the battery is recharged, just screw on the chamber and hit it up.  Easy as pie.

Linx Ember Specifications:

  • Weight 28g
  • Recessed quartz rod and ceramic chamber
  • Lithium-ion battery recharges in 1 – 2 hours via USB. 350 mAH.
  • Vapor path is made from medical grade stainless steel with glass window.
  • 10.5 mm (Diameter) x 110.7 mm (Length)

Included With the Linx Ember:

  • 1 x LINX Ember Refillable Atomizer
  • 1 x LINX Ember Battery
  • 1 x Latched Carrying Case
  • 1 x LINX Ember Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x USB to 510 thread charger


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