Divine Tribe – V4 Glass Top – Vortex Water Pipe Adapter



Simply remove the steel cap from the Divine Tribe v4 Atomizer and replace it with the Vortex Glass Water Pipe Adapter. The buckets in the v4 can not be inverted or else it will spill all of your oils from the crucible. So using this WPA with a top mount glass bubbler will work perfectly! Try pairing this adapter with the Elevated Glass Water Pipeto get a hydrated and cooled vapor from this amazing atomizer.

Available in 14mm and 18mm sizes.

Make sure the O-RIngs are properly lubricated before attempting to install the glass top. If you are removing the top when the atomizer is cold, the oil will not give and will have to be removed carefully and slowly pulling straight up, or by slightly warming the atomizer base. The glass will crack with a rounded shape if you pull the glass in any direction other than straight up. It is all glass and does not have any tolerance for bending.

This version will only fit the v4.


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